Organise a scientific meeting

MeMoVolc is now closed.

MeMoVolc welcomes funding applications for scientific meetings to take place in the first half of 2017. These should focus on a single, well defined issue and should be compatible with the aims and scope of the network, namely to advance our knowledge of volcano eruption dynamics and of the techniques used to study it. We in particular encourage proposals for workshops with a trans-disciplinary flavour dedicated to novel and innovative approaches. Another possibility in this final call is one or meetings focussed on the initiation of future replacement networking programmes.

Eligibility criteria for application

Applicants should be established scientists / researchers.  Priority should be given to participants from countries which financially support MeMoVolc. The involvement of young scientists is strongly encouraged. Organisers are asked to ensure balanced geographical and gender representation amongst the participants.  Applications will be assessed on the basis of their scientific quality and relevance to MeMoVolc by the Steering Committee.

Submission procedure and contents of proposal

Applications should include the information listed below, but additional information related to selection criteria may also be requested. (1) Scientific Summary (max. 1000 words) and Abstract (max. 50-70 words); (2) Provisional meeting programme; (3) Curriculum Vitae of Scientific Organiser including list of five most relevant publications during the last five years; (4) Provisional list of proposed speakers/participants; (5) (directly on the online form) Estimated budget, indicating the breakdown for travel, accommodation, meals and any other expenses. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the assessment by ESF via email.

What the funds should be used for

The amount of funding awarded for a meeting will be decided by the steering committee on the basis of the proposal submitted and the MeMoVolc funds available for that purpose. Funding should be principally used to cover the travel and accommodation costs of speakers and participants. Costs for hiring meeting facilities should be kept to a minimum. Where possible, organisers should try to negotiate the use of meeting facilities within their universities / institutes either as an in-kind contribution or for a minimum fee .   Local administrative costs (where applicable) should not exceed 10% of the funding for the meeting. Such costs include administrative and technical assistance, printing, photocopying, telephone, fax, email etc. Honoraria are normally not paid and the organisers of meetings and speakers will not be remunerated. Funding should not be used for social events such as excursions, concerts etc. which do not have any direct scientific link to MeMoVolc objectives. Scientific meetings are expected to be non-profit making. Participants at meetings should not be required to pay registration fees. Funding may be used to fully or partially fund a meeting. Organisers of meetings are encouraged to apply for additional funding, e.g. from national research organisations, universities, private companies etc.  Please note that plane tickets must always be either largely reimbursable or re-bookable against a fee, whichever of the two options will be the least expensive in the event of modification.

Administrative procedure and conditions of award

MeMoVolc will make an advance payment of 80% of the allocated grant, normally two months before the meeting, for direct coverage of all local costs and direct travel refund to participants. The final payment will be made upon satisfactory and timely completion of the reporting requirements described further on and validation of the reports by the steering committee. Penalties apply in case of delay in reporting. Any unspent balance must be returned.

Implementation of the awarded meeting

The organiser is responsible for all meeting arrangements, including preliminary contacts with all prospective participants. An attendance and accommodation form may be circulated for participants to return directly to the organiser who will then supervise the designated hotel reservations and practical arrangements. The organiser should notify participants well in advance of the meeting of the exact details concerning reimbursement for meeting expenses, e.g. full payment for each participant, payment for speakers only, payment of costs up to a certain limit. Cases where participants from non-contributing countries are supported by MeMoVolc to participate should be clearly indicated.

Reporting requirements after the meeting

A final report must be submitted online by the organiser within two months of the event (the link is provided in the email notifying the organiser of the transfer of the advance payment). The final report includes the following three elements:

Scientific report: Organisers are required to upload a scientific report in.pdf or .doc format which will represent the basis for the evaluation of the activity. The report should not exceed seven A4 pages and contain the following items: (1) a summary (up to one page); (2) a description of the scientific content of and discussions at the event (up to four pages); (3) an assessment of the results and impact of the event on the future directions of the field (up to two pages); (4) Annexes: programme of the meeting and full list of speakers and participants.

Evaluation and validation

The scientific report will be evaluated by the MeMoVolc Steering Committee. Unless other arrangements have been made, the contents of the report will be considered as being in the public domain and will be published on the MeMoVolc web pages.