Apply for a scientific travel grant

MeMoVolc is now closed.

MeMoVolc finances scientific travel grants (up to two months)  for the purposes of networking on MeMoVolc-related scientific projects. They are aimed at building collaborations and sharing data, resources, and analytical, computational or monitoring facilities. They will be attributed preferentially, but not exclusively,  to young scientists. The grants may for nominative for a particular visit to an institution or, (a new initiative) may involve the financing of a small group of young international researchers (from MeMoVolc-contributing countries) to work as a team on a well defined project.

Eligibility criteria and priority order of grant allocation

Applicants may be either at the pre or post-doctoral level and must (1) apply to stay in a country other than the country of origin; (2) return to the institution of origin upon termination, so that the applicant’s institution may benefit from the broadened knowledge of the scientist. The MeMoVolc Steering Committee, having assessed scientific merit and relevance to the network, will normally give preference in the order (1) between MeMoVolc-contributing countries; (2) between a contributing country and a non-contributing European country.

How to apply for funding

Applications should include the information listed below but additional information related to additional selection criteria may also be requested.

Applications should include: (1) a description of the proposed project work and aim of the visit (500-1000 words); (2) a curriculum vitae of 1-2 A4 pages; (3) a list of the applicant’s five most recent publications (if relevant); (4) full details of the prospective host(s); (5) a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with the applicant’s work; (6) a letter of invitation from the host institution; (7) a proposed starting date; (8) estimated travel costs.

What the funds cover

Allowance:  60 € per day (visits up to two months). Travel expenses: up to a maximum of 500 €.

Travel expenses cover the expenses of one return journey to and from the host institute. They do not normally cover shipment costs. Please note that plane tickets must always be either largely reimbursable or re-bookable against a fee, whichever of the two options will be the least expensive in the event of modification.The grants do not cover health insurance, taxes, or retirement scheme contributions.

Administrative procedure and conditions of award

Advance payment: 80% of the total allowance, two months before the start of the exchange. Final payment: after the visit, upon timely and satisfactory completion of the reporting requirements described below and validation of the reports by the MeMoVolc steering committee.

If the length of stay is shorter than the foreseen period, the payment will be adjusted accordingly. Any unspent balance must be returned. Penalties apply in case of delay in reporting. In the case of cancellation or unreasonable delay of an exchange visit grant (six months or more), all advances must be returned.

Reporting requirements after the short/exchange visit

A final report must be submitted online within one month after the end of the visit. The final report is composed of :

A scientific report in .pdf or .doc format. It should contain the following information and not exceed 6-8 A4 pages: (1) Purpose of the visit; (2) Description of the work carried out during the visit; (3) Description of the main results obtained; (4) Future collaboration with host institution (if applicable); (5) Projected publications / articles resulting or to result from the grant (ESF must be acknowledged in publications resulting from the grantee’s work in relation with the grant); (6) Other comments (if any).

A financial summary, with all receipts and tickets.

A letter from the host institution confirming that the planned visit was made and the work carried out.

Evaluation and validation

The scientific report will be evaluated by the Steering Committee. Unless other arrangements are agreed upon, the contents of the report will be considered as being in the public domain and may be used, suitably acknowledged, in the compilation of reports submitted by MeMoVolc to ESF. Reports may also be published on the MeMoVolc website.