Scientific travel grants

Scientific travel grants for short (up to 15 days) and exchange (15 days to 3 months) visits between laboratories and/or volcano observatories for the purposes of networking on specific projects. Travel grants form the backbone of the network by building collaborations and sharing data, resources and analytical, computational and monitoring facilities. Grants are  attributed preferentially, but not uniquely,  to young scientists.

Scientific meetings

Two scales of scientific meeting are recognized by the ESF.

  • Conferences (40-50 participants).
  • Workshops (10-15 participants). These bring together a small group of experts in order to focus on a specific issue or scientific question.

Summer schools

Summer schools (about 30 participants) are problem-based, trans-disciplinary, and involve looking at volcanic systems from different perspectives and using different methods. They are aimed at researchers at PhD and postdoctoral levels, and some involve round-table brainstorming initiatives on specific cutting edge problems.