Facilities and expertise

The MeMoVolc network has at its disposition a wide range of techniques for multiparameter analysis of volcanic eruptions and their products

Theme Expertise Facility Institution
Ground-based remote sensing Geophysical

Infra-red cameras and radiometers, long-period seismics, infrasound, Doppler radar, high-speed visual camera, microtilt

Clermont-Ferrand, U.  Florence, IPGP Paris, U. Hamburg, INGV, U. Iceland


OP-FTIR, Mini-DOAS, Ultra-violet camera

IPGP Paris, INGV, Clermont-Ferrand, U. Cambridge, U. Bristol

Volcano monitoring arrays

Réunion, Montserrat, Etna, Stromboli, Iceland, Azores instrument arrays INGV, U. Florence, IPGP Paris, U. Azores, U. Iceland
Satellite-based remote sensing AVHRR, GOES, MODIS, SEVIRI NILU, Clermont-Ferrand, INGV, U. Bristol
Field characterization Quantitative field analysis U. Geneva, Clermont-Ferrand, IPGP Paris, INGV, U. Iceland
Sample characterization Textural analysis Electron microscope (SEM), micro-tomography U. Orléans, INGV, U. Uppsala, U. Lancaster
Microanalysis Electron probe, µRaman (H2O), FTIR (H2O, CO2), melt-inclusion stage U. Orléans, IPGP Paris, INGV, U. Uppsala, CRPG Nancy
Bulk analysis

ICP, radiogenic isotopes, short-lived isotopes stable isotopes, TIMS

U. Florence, U.  Iceland, Clermont-Ferrand, IPGP Paris, U. Uppsala, CRPG Nancy
Numerical modelling Plume dispersal models, multiphase CFD codes, supercomputing facilities INGV, IPGP Paris, U. Geneva, U. Orléans
Analogue modelling Analogue laboratories, wind tunnel, Bari large-scale plume facility U. Geneva, U. Oslo,  IPGP  Paris, U. Bari, U. Bristol
High-T experimentation

Controlled decompression, fragmentation physics, phase equilibria, Paterson Press

U. Munich, U. Orléans, U. Würzburg