Anticipating volcanic eruptions, Pisa 2015

Recent meetings on 4 Feb , 2015

Anticipating volcanic eruptions: developing multidisciplinary tools to track the source, volume and duration of magma movement from the mantle to the surface

Pisa, Italy, 4-6 February 2015

Organisers: M. Pompilio (INGV Pisa, Italy), S. Chakraborty (Bochum, Germany), M. Pichavant (Orléans, France), T. Druitt (Clermont-Ferrand, France). Contact. M. Pompilio (

Magma input in the deep supply system is the early signal of a possible reactivation of the whole volcanic plumbing system. Understanding how magma is transferred from depth is pivotal to recognising long to mid term precursors of volcanic unrest. The workshop will develop synergies between complementary expertise towards the objective to quantify the origins, volumes and durations of mafic magma movement from the mantle to the surface, and the interaction of that mafic magma with crustal bodies of magma and crystal mush.

The specific issues addressed will be:

  • definition of mechanisms, time scales and periodicities of deep magma supply;
  • definition of rates and magma volume transfer between different regions of the volcanic system;
  • characterization of mechanisms of interactions between magmas/host rock within the intermediate storage system and during the ascent to the eruptive system;
  • interaction of the ascending mafic magma with crustal bodies of more evolved magma and crystal mush;
  • definition of relationships between the above processes and the eruptive style, magnitude and intensity of eruptions, eruptive scenarios and associated hazard
  • recognition of possible precursors and improvement of monitoring actions.