Volcanotectonics, Oslo 2013

Workshop on magma emplacement and volcano-tectonics

University of Oslo, 4-6 February 2013

Organized by O. Galland (U. Oslo), S. Burchardt (U. Uppsala) and V. Troll (U. Uppsala)

Contact: Olivier Galland (olivier.galland@fys.uio.no)

The physics that govern magma emplacement in the Earth’s crust have been studied through a wide range of methods and approaches, which have so far been poorly linked and coordinated. We organized a workshop to (1) coordinate the European expertise and disseminate the state-of-the-art for methods dedicated to studying volcano-tectonic and magma emplacement processes, (2) establish a scientific strategy for future advances in the discipline, and (3) establish a robust and systematic procedure to integrate results from distinct approaches, i.e. fieldwork, geophysical monitoring, experimental and numerical modelling.

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