Summer school, Iceland 2014

Recent meetings on 1 Jul , 2014

2014 MeMoVolc Summer School Magmatic volatiles from generation to atmospheric loading

1-4 July, 2014, Stóru-Tjarnir (close to Krafla Volcano), Iceland

Organisers O. Sigmarsson, T. Thordarsson and R. Pedersen (Nordic Volcanological Center, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland)

The summer school “Magmatic volatiles from generation to atmospheric loading” was held at Stóru-Tjarnir, close to Krafla volcano in Iceland from 1-4 July. Lectures were given by Marie Edmonds (UK), Bruno Scaillet (France), Didier Laporte (France), Alessandro Auippa (Italy), Mike Burton (Italy), Simon Carn (USA), Alan Robock (USA) and Thor Thordarson (Iceland). Most lecturers proposed exercises for the students to solve in groups, creating collaboration and exchange of ideas. Measurement of volcanic gases in the field was demonstrated during a half day excursion on 3 July to Krafla geothermal field. The practical aspect of data collection was explained and data interpretation was discussed the morning after. The gas composition turned out to be of relatively pure magmatic components with minimal geothermal contribution according to sulphur-carbon-hydrogen oxide ratios. Thirty-seven students at PhD and post-doctoral levels presented their actual research during several poster sessions intercalated over the four days with the lectures. This arrangement created a dynamic atmosphere and lively discussions. Students were given reading materials before the Summer School and during the lectures. Their confidence grew from day to day as witnessed by increasing number of questions. Both lecturers and students agreed to have learned much in a short duration of time.The summer school was a great success. Many thanks to all involved.


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Lecture 1.  Introduction to Iceland’s Volcanology and Geology (T. Thordarsson)

Lecture 2. Volatile budgets of volcanic systems: constraints from geochemical observations (M. Edmonds)

Lecture 3.  Phase equilibrium and solubility constraints on volatile abundances in magmas (B. Scaillet)

Lecture 4.  Formation and evolution of bubbles in ascending magmas: equilibrium vs. disequilibrium degassing (D. Laporte)

Lecture 5. Measurements and interpretations of magmatic gas emissions (Mike Burton)

Lecture 6.  Volcanic gas observations (A. Aiuppa)

Lecture 7. Satellite remote sensing of volcanic eruptions and degassing (Simon Carn).

Lecture 8. Volcanic Eruptions and Climate (A. Robock)

Lecture 9. Environmental effect of large basaltic fissure eruptions (T. Thordarson).

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