European Volcano Observatories, Azores 2013

Recent meetings on 14 Oct , 2013

European Volcano Observatories Workshop – EVOW

University of the Azores, 14-16 October 2013

Organiser José Pacheco (CVARG, Portugal).  Contact: José Pacheco (

The European Volcano Observatories Workshop is an initiative under the MeMoVolc Research Networking Program and aims primarily to enhance the networking activities among the european volcano observatories.

The main objectives of the EVOW  are:

  • To set up an institutional frame for the cooperation of European volcano observatories
  • To delineate the communication channels among observatories to be used on routine and under volcanic crisis situations
  • To create synergies between observatories and define strategies to improve the effectiveness of each observatory
  • To define future actions to facilitate the cooperation/integration of teams from different observatories

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