From magma ascent to ash generation, Pisa 2014

Recent meetings on 25 Oct , 2014

From magma ascent to ash generation: Investigating volcanic conduit processes by integration of experiments, numerical modelling and observation

Pisa, Italy, 25-27 October 2014

Organisers: M. Polacci and M. de’ Michieli Vitturi (INGV, Pisa, Italy).  Contact Margherita Polacci (

Volcanic conduits are the vehicle through which magma travels from its storage region to the surface. Understanding better volcanic conduits and related processes is of paramount importance for improving volcanic hazard and eruption prediction. The workshop addressed this topic, by first reviewing the latest findings on conduit processes and then proposing a feasible, multidisciplinary approach for conducting new and innovative studies on conduit magma behaviour and eruption dynamics. The workshop established a working group on this topic.