Summer school, Catania 2012

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2012 MeMoVolc Summer School ‘Volcanic ash: from magma to aviation impact’  

25-29 June 2012, Nicolosi, Sicily

Organisers M. Coltelli (INGV, Italy), A. Neri (INGV, Italy) and T.H. Druitt (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

The first summer school of the MemoVolc Research Networking Programe took place on the 25 to 29 June 2012 in Nicolosi (Sicily), on the slopes of Mount Etna. It was organised principally by Drs. Augusto Neri and Mauro Coltelli of the INGV. Logistic aspects were organised very ably by the company ‘Etna Tourism’. Eight lecturers took part: T. Druitt (France), U. Kueppers (Germany), M. Polacci (Italy), M. Gudmundsson (Iceland), M. Gouhier (France), A. Neri (Italy), C. Bonadonna (Switzerland), and M. Coltelli (Italy). On the third day, Mauro Coltelli led a field excursion on the summit of Mount Etna, during which the group visited the Montagnola monitoring station, the 2001 eruptive centre, and a number of sites related to the 1763, 2001 and 2002 activity. This day was particularly important for students with non-geological backgrounds, as it enabled them to better understand the processes and products involved in ash production. Twenty-eight students at Masters, PhD and postdoctoral level from 7 countries (France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK) attended the school.

The first MeMoVolc summer school was a great success. Many thanks to all involved.

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Lecture 1.  Generation and dispersal of volcanic ash: an overview (T. Druitt)

Lecture 2.  Fragmentation and ash generation (U. Kueppers)

Lecture 3.  Characterization of volcanic ash (M. Polacci)

Lecture 4.  Ground-based observation and measuring of ash plumes (M. Gudmundsson)

Lecture 5.  Satellite-based observation and measuring of ash plumes (M. Gouhier)

Lecture 6.   Numerical modelling of volcanic columns and ash clouds (A. Neri)

Lecture 7.  Volcanic ash hazard assessment – Part 1 (C. Bonadonna)

Lecture 7.  Volcanic ash hazard assessment – Parts 2 and  3 (C. Bonadonna)

Lecture 8.  Vulnerability to ash and ash impact on the environment and aviation (M. Coltelli)

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